Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finding "Frogs" and Visiting Josh

This month I went to visit my youngest son. He lives in a bigger city than I do and I needed sewing supplies.....always a good excuse to go see him because there is better selection there. Part of my finishing binge, (a knitted cape by Nikki Epstein) needed some frogs to complete it but I couldn't find them in my home town. So I contacted my youngest son and made arrangements to spend the day with him and stay overnight in his town!

What fun we had. I went straight to the fabric store that had a great selection of frog closures for my cape.  http://www.galafabrics.com/victoria.htm  It was a good thing that I had people meeting me because I could have spent hours here, and could have spent many dollars as well!  But they did, as they said on the phone, have the frogs I needed. 

After purchasing those, Josh, Ben and I went for a walk on one of the breakwaters.  It was, to be honest, bloody terrifying!  Josh and I clung to each other and walked down the center of the "wall", freezing in position when someone passed us, while Ben sauntered ahead oblivious to the height and the lack of railings!  It was a scrumptious day, sunny and bright with a slight breeze.  When we got to the end of the breakwater, we climbed down the huge concrete blocks to get to the spot where this photo was taken.  This is Josh and I.  We walked back to where the car was parked along the lower "steps" of the breakwater, and both of us felt far more comfortable.  Yes, you had to watch your step, but there was no feeling of being so high up that the wind could blow you over the edge.  Something to cling to!  Somewhere to sit down and get stabilized!  Solid cement in other words.  I think the birds felt the same way.  They were there searching for open mussels and anything else they could eat.  I think they are Sandpipers.  I love the way they peck around and when something disturbs them they all lift together in a cloud and then settle a few feet away and keep pecking! 

After our walk, we went for lunch, a relaxing meal, and then drove to the motel where I had made reservations.  After check in, we went to another restaurant and had dinner, and then picked up a case of beer (I usually drink wine but Linda taught me to drink beer when we were in New York City!)  Josh and Ben had no problem with that.  We sat on the balcony and visited to our hearts content.  When it was time to go home, they sprinted to catch the bus and I curled up with my book, satisfied with a great visit and a wonderful day in the sun. 

Next day we met for brunch.  Here is a picture of the Hydro boxes on the street in Sidney, BC.  I thought they were wonderful.  Ever so much nicer than a plain green metal box!  The artwork reminds me of something I've seen in a magazine, and I'd love to translate it to fabric.

Again, it was a good thing it was Sunday and most of the stores were closed.  What a window-shopping treat this town was.  I wandered up and down the street looking at the sites and eventually my cell phone rang.  Josh and Ben were wondering where I was....I was across the street from them!

We joined each other in the middle of the street and laughed and hugged each other.  Brunch was next on the agenda.  We walked to a popular restaurant but the line-up was "out the door".  So we wandered around until we found a nice place and went in for an excellent brunch.  After that I had to leave and head home.  I dropped the two of them off at their home, and headed off for my drive home....the miracle is that I found my way from their house to the main highway and in the right direction home!  You have to know I have absolutely no sense of direction and get lost incredibly easily.  If someone paints their door, I no longer know where I am.  But this was a good day and I managed to find a straight route to home.  It was a delightful weekend, and besides having a great visit with my son, I had what I needed to finish yet another project! 
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