Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rainbow is .... Finishing!!!

While on the island for holidays I fell.  I'd love to say I was rock climbing or beachcombing, but it was actually a slip in the bathroom.  How "old lady" is that!!  I've discovered that gum boots and heavy socks are very forgiving footwear......that and a holiday season where a lot of visiting is done and not a lot of activity.  But I did trek around the island, wander on the beaches and get in and out of boats!  Albeit tenderly. 

I came home three days before I had to go back to work and took it fairly easy, other than a walk to the beach and back with the dog.  But it was when I went back to work, sat at my desk all day and was wearing a work shoe that it became apparent something was really wrong.  My foot swelled quite badly and was burning inside.  I decided I should go to a walk-in clinic and have it checked.  Long story short.....I ended up with my foot in an air cast with three broken metatarsals to nurse back to health!  I was quite honestly surprised as I thought it was just sprained!  I told my husband that I'd felt like a very old woman getting in and out of the boats....bad enough they rock and slide away from you when you get in them, but I was nursing a tender foot.  His reply?  You looked like one too! 

However, the rainbow in this story is that I've been instructed to keep the foot elevated as much as possible, and haven't been able to drive.  Doesn't seem like a silver lining does it?  But it's led me to FINISHING things!  Anything I can do sitting with my foot up.  I've done hand quilting, stitched on binding, and even did some hand mending!  I used to say "Finishing is an "F" word", but now I'm thinking it's a pretty good feeling. 
Here are some pictures of the things I've completed.  The top one is a quilt for a friend's baby, two are samles of classes I'll be teaching this spring.....and I won't bore you with the mending! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011


One day while spending Christmas vacation on the island with my husband, he was out splitting kindling and I was inside cleaning the cabin L  He called me to come out and bring the binoculars.   Across the channel there were a pod of Bottlenose Dolphin swimming along in front of the most beautiful rock wall.  I watched their every move until they were out of sight.  Then Bob said “There’s an Eagle....look at him through the binoculars”.  WOW.  A Bald Eagle through binoculars looks vicious and scary!  I actually took a step backwards from the effect of the close up view.   This photo is the rock wall....picture it with a school of dolphin swimming in front of it!
All this told me I need a new camera, with a telephoto lens and a tripod.   My current one is geared towards close-ups for stitching!   The dolphins and the eagle were completely out of reach of my camera, as was the kingfisher that landed in the tree in front of us.  He was so striking with his color amongst all the blue/gray/black. 
After viewing the dolphin through the binoculars I asked Bob to take me over to the other side of the channel so that I could get a picture of the rocks they had been swimming past as a backdrop.....yes, a quilt is percolating.  He was happy enough to do that.  I got close up photos of the rock wall, the beach, a waterfall, the kingfisher, and best of all, when we turned around to come home, a log in the middle of nowhere, with two seagulls on it.  Here's the picture I can see why I say I need another camera, with interchangeable lenses so that I can try telephoto! 
Bob slowly brought the boat up on that log and I was thrilled at his sensitivity towards my artistic endeavours.  I got a couple of pictures of the seagulls on the log, missed them when they flew away, and turned to thank Bob for giving me that photo opportunity. 

But he just kept creeping up on that log.  Next thing I know he is hammering in a metal loop, tying a rope to it, and we towed it home.  It was a cedar log and HE was pleased to find so much shake (roofing) material and kindling.  I groaned at having been sucked in yet again.  A new-age-sensitive-man he is NOT!  Here he is towing the seagull's roost home!  You can see the log behind his left arm following us home. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tyson Artist

Check out this link and read about half way down the page.  I've been corresponding with this man for two or three emails now and have his permission to mention his work here on my blog.  I am so proud to see one of my designs used so spectacularly!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stitching on an Island in the Pacific!

Not a tropical island, but one that was just as beautiful in it's own way.  This winter saw a change in our lifestyle as my husband has taken on the position as caretaker on a remote island.  The island has several cabins on it and is owned by a doctor whose family only visits in the summer months.  They are missing a lot  by only seeing it in one season!  This is the view from the caretaker's cabin.  Just at sunrise and that mountain was SO pink!  My camera has not done it justice!
This Christmas vacation it has been my pleasure to join my husband and experience remote island living. I am fortunate enough to have two weeks off work over the Christmas holiday period.  This year I spent that with my husband on that tiny little island in the Pacific Ocean. It didn’t start out well when he said as we climbed out of the boat onto the wharf.....”You’re in my domain now.”  I laughed at him as I unloaded a suitcase of fabric, two sewing machines, all my stitching equipment, my laptop, my clothes, my baking supplies and a couple of boxes of fresh vegetables!  However, at point of writing, day 7 of my visit, most of the fresh vegetables are gone, and I’ve staked my claim on “his” domain!!!  Because he works on that island, I took things with me to keep me busy.  Samples for upcoming classes, some mending (I know...quilters don’t do mending.....but he hasn’t caught onto that yet)!  We had ten days in the wilderness and it was spectacular.  Here I am in the biggest house, doing what I love, in a "dream studio"! 

When he was working I spent my time working on sewing projects.  The skipper on the crew boat who brought me into the island asked if I was staying six months!  But I left at least half of it there for next time.  A sewing machine, sewing supplies, cutting mat, pressing cloth, design wall....everything I would normally take to a workshop.  It was like dying and going to heaven.   Here's a photo of the view from where I was sitting. 
I cut fabric, arranged, stitched and just luxuriated in the time available to just design and sew.  I worked on a class that will be offered at Serge ‘N Sew in March.  And this be offered at Serge ‘N Sew in April.  Here’s the link to their web site so you can see other classes they offer as well.
During the times I wasn’t sewing, we went on boat rides to beach comb.  We saw Bottlenose Dolphin which have caused another quilt to percolate, noisy Ravens, Bald Eagles, Flying Squirrels, any number of tiny birds looking for crumbs, and best of all, on the day I went home, Killer Whales!  Absolutely exhilarating!