Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Miscommunication

Since the publishing of my book, "Embellishing with Anything", I have been invited to teach at several different locations on Vancouver Island.  (My dream is to teach on a "quilter's cruise" some day).  I was contacted just before Christmas about teaching at a guild.  But the classes were all to be rather traditional and what I do doesn't fit into that category.  I said so, and the woman who was organizing it came up with the idea of having a "Spring Art Fling" and have three or four teachers come in who would teach non-traditional quilting techniques.  She would be in touch with me regarding the date when she had talked to other "art quilters" she knew of. 

She contacted me again, and the class will be held in May.  I prepared my sample, a supply list, and the instructions.  I was quite pleased with my sample, and was looking forward to teaching this class.  It uses one of the techniques in my book, but in a completely different way.  Happy with my work, I emailed her a photo, the supply list and told her that I would get the sample to the guild meeting where the classes are being promoted through a friend of mine, Ionne. You can see her work at 

Feeling very satisfied with my meeting the deadline and being so organized, I went back to my studio to continue quilting a memory quilt I'm doing for a friend.  Within half an hour, the phone rang.  It was the woman I'd been communicating with through email.  She was in a fluster.  The sample and supply list I had provided were not for the project she had been advertising!  Somewhere along the line, she thought we had agreed to do a class for the project on the cover of my book.  I checked my emails and can't find one that even suggests that, and the photos attached are all of the technique used in the new class project.  Here is what I thought I was going to teach:

However, since the class had been advertised already and was in the guild newsletter, I said "No problem", and pulled up the supply list and photograph of the project she had decided on!  She thanked me for being so flexible and I laughed.  After all, I had the sample and notes for this one done already as they are in my book and along with the class, I will probably sell some more copies.  And the plus of the whole exercise is that I have a new class all ready to teach sometime in the future!  So, here is what I WILL be teaching at the "Spring Fling"! 

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