Monday, November 21, 2011


An idea was formed when my friend Angela and I went to a rock show last March.  I love rocks, and always find it intriquing to see what people can do with them.  But I keep telling myself I have enough interests, and I don't have room, time or finances for more.....but these are rocks and I love them.  So I bought some pieces, with a new idea forming in my mind. 

This particular rock show had a lot of slices available for sale.  I couldn't help but see pictures in them and thought it would be fun to find a way to incorporate the slices into a quilt.  I purchased four, thinking that I would experiment with them.  The idea percolating was to extend the design in the rock out into a surrounding quilt. 

It is always exhilarating when the idea in your head comes out of your hands.  This slice of stone is actually called "Ocean Picture Stone".  (I had to take it to The Rock Shop in Courtenay, BC to have it drilled because I don't have the correct tools....I'll be getting them because this was FUN!  The owner told me the name and that it's from mainland BC and is getting hard to find.)

 I spread out the fabrics I thought would go with the stone and blend the colors and this is what came of it.  I've used a mixture of commercial solid colors, hand dyed fabrics by Ionne McCauley, and some of my own hand painted fabric.  The funny part is that the quilting design in the "sky and water" area came from the pocket of my jeans!  Inspiration can be found anywhere!   

I have spoken often of the group in which I am privileged to be a member.  We had another "retreat" this past week and it was again, wonderful to be with friends for three days and catch up with what is going on in their lives, as well as share what is happening in mine.  We met at a new location this time, Honeymoon Bay Lodge Lodge in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island.  It was sooooo comfortable, luxurious and absolutely perfect for our group.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a gathering of this sort. 

We stitch and quilt and inspire each other, share finished projects at our "show and tell" evening and in the last two gatherings have instigated a 12" x 12" challenge.  Last time the theme was trees and the work submitted was so varied and many different ways to interpret trees. 

The winner of the "Tree" challenge set the theme for the next one.  This time we were to produce a 12" x 12" piece with the theme "Ocean".

Lo and behold.....I won first prize for the 12" x 12" (and it WAS a challenge  for me to make it the right size!)  I will be doing more of these with the other slices I bought, and I'll be looking for the next rock show I can go to! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Next Chapter......

Well, It's done.  Mum and Dad are officially living in the addition we spent all summer building and life is wrapping around that change.  There is a song called "Rescue Me" that I recall from my teen years......what does that say? 
Actually, it's going reasonably well.  I am adapting to conversations that repeat themselves and repeatedly loop.  I am understanding that conversations like "I don't believe I remember where I put my teeth" and "where did I put ****?"  are going to be commonplace now.   My sweetheart has been home this week and he's been a boost to my daily routine as well as my spirits. 

Life changes when you live with your parents.  It's difficult to see them have problems with things that seem simple to me, but are a hurdle to get over for them.  Dad has been enjoying raking leaves every day to help me out and says he loves it here because he feels useful and is enjoying having a yard he can putter in but is not totally responsible for.  After 7 years in a condominium environment, he's enjoying feeding the birds and having a back yard fire with nobody to say he can't! 

Mum's attitude is yet to be determined.  She hasn't committed herself to whether it 's good or bad yet.  Here's hoping she decides good!  We've done a lot of running to town to get things they need to get settled....part of that is Mum's gradual withdrawal from the privilege of getting on a bus and going to West Edmonton Mall.  But as long as I'm willing to drive her to town, there should be no problem.  For me, the hardest thing is the "pace".  I have to be careful not to appear to be rushing people that just don't move at the same speed as I do anymore.  But.....someone may do this for me someday and fully believing you get what you give out, I'm being the most patient person I can possibly be......Wine helps!

But there's one personality in our home who is adapting well.  Our cat!  Another lap is always welcome!