Saturday, February 05, 2011

Liquitex Inks, Silk Rods, Tutorial continued.....

This is a photo of my silk rod project. I posted the first steps earlier on this blog.   Today I worked on the little project created by the silk rods colored with Liquitex Inks.  Those inks were provided to me as an Author Ambassador for C & T Publishing.  As shown in my previous post, they were soaked and laid out to re-glue themselves to each other as they dried.  It worked but only partially.  There were some gaps that separated. 

Now I've taken embroidery floss and done some big hand stitches on the seams and above the seams, to create some texture, some embellishment, and the hidden bonus was sticking the bits together.  Can you guess what's next?  I'll make one of the thread trees featured on the cover of my book to add to it.  I never know when it's enough.....could keep going and going.  I feel I need to add some beads as well!  I like to embellish....what can I say? 

I especially like the shape this project has taken on.  I plan to mount it inside an artists canvas, with the backing wrapped around the frame.  That way the "bubble" developed in the silk rods would be protected from being crushed.  We'll see.  For now, the tree and some beads.