Tuesday, February 03, 2009


My name is Gladys Love. I am a textile artist, quilter, teacher, designer and author. I also enjoy landscape gardening, knitting and drawing. In fact, if it has fibre in it or has anything to do with fibre, I will probably love working with it. Fabric, paper, plants, wool….. you name it.

Luckily I have a husband who likes to cook and totally supports me when I get going on a project! And that’s what has allowed me the time to have a book proposal accepted by C&T Publishing. The end result, two years later, is “Embellishing with Anything” by none other than Gladys Love (with help of a lot of her friends)! The picture up top is of the cover. You may recognize it in your local shop one day. To be released April 1st, 2009!