Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here are pictures taken March 1 in our yard and at the school I work at. It’s been an extraordinarily mild winter….so mild in fact that I feel it was a very long spring. Obviously the plants think so as well!  They are well ahead of schedule in their blooming. For a time I was worried that a frost or snow would come along and kill them off as their growth was untimely. But that didn’t happen.

Everything looked like this until April 4th…..when we had record winds for a 12 hour period. The poor little Star Magnolia blooms were whipped around and are now bruised from abuse. The gorgeous pink petals that normally cling to the Flowering Plum for at least six weeks are mostly sprinkled all over the neighborhood lawns as they didn’t stand up to 75 kmh winds! Imagine that! But the Daffodils bowed their gentle heads into the protection of bigger plants and popped up again looking as cheerful as they always do.

Notice the "pink" theme going on in our yard?  Which reminds me....I need to dig up the "May Bush" my Dad saved me from their home of 52 years.  it's looking healthy but hasn't bloomed yet.  It will look great in the next yard!  It is pink too~

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