Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Cruz & Giraffes

Our youngest grandson Cruz, (six months Christmas Day) had a mobile over his change table that was giraffes that dangled and twirled.  When he was barely a month old he was entranced with these giraffes and would follow them and twist his head to watch them....and then smile that adorable dimpled grin because he enjoyed them so much. 

Now he is six months old.....and teething. He has a rubber giraffe that he chews on.  (But his little Gumby is his favorite teething toy.)  I got a book for Christmas called "Itty-Bitty Toys".  http://www.knitpicks.com/books/Itty-Bitty_Toys__D31248.html

Lo and behold, there is a giraffe on the cover!  So of course, I had to make this for Cruz.  It was an enjoyable knitting project for the busy holiday times.  It's finished, and here's a picture.  I believe it should be felted to hold the snippets of wool in the pom poms, but he's so cute I haven't done that yet.  The giraffe I mean....Cruz is way beyond cute! 

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