Friday, January 08, 2010

2010 - The Year for Organization....Starting with Books!

This year we gifted ourselves with an IKEA Expedit storage unit for our den. I must admit to having a book fetish, and I own a lot of books. (I’ve always thought that in the event of a flood, I’d want to take my books first). They are reference books for fibre art techniques, gardening, stone work, knitting, art and the inevitable bibles, dictionary and thesaurus. I don’t keep very many novels because I don’t like reading them more than once! So those go to the book exchange and rotate….thus being kept on a different and smaller book shelf. My treasured collection has until now, been stored on a collection of garage sale shelving units and tended to look rather higgledy-piggledy.

When the unit arrived, I packed all my books into boxes and put the bookshelves we had out at the curb with a “free” sign on them. They disappeared the same day! I waited for the unit to get assembled but it wasn’t happening and I was beginning to feel a little grumpy about that.

Lo and behold, over the Christmas holidays, my darling husband assembled that unit for me and I spent a delightful day sorting and organizing and arranging and just generally fondling my beloved books. There’s something very cathartic about that activity – except for finding that I had two copies of three books! I guess I liked them really well!

But best of all, in telling my friend Joan, who shares my passion for books, about what a nice day I’d had doing that, she said something I thought was greatHaving good books at home is like being able to take a one-on-one class whenever you feel like it, no matter the day or time.” . So, with her comment, I feel this collection is validated and can be justifiably expanded! Aren’t good and supportive friends the best thing in the world?

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Great minds think alike!