Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Evening in Times Square

I fell asleep on the bed in the hotel room. I was awakened by a porter walking into the room. Linda had arrived, I had all the keys, and when she knocked I didn’t awaken! Poor girl stood in the hall waiting for me for about ½ hour and then gave up and went back down to the desk to get a key. They wouldn’t give her one, but sent her up with a porter and a master key. He was checking to see if I was OK with her joining me! It wasn’t much later that Angie arrived. So what can we do at 11:30 at night, but get out there and see the lights and feel the pulse of the city! I think we probably were the perfect vision of a tourist....walking around with our heads staring upwards. The lights, billboards and traffic are absolutely astounding. Here’s Linda and Angie, right in the middle of Times Square, just absorbing the fact that we are actually here.

These red plexiglass bleachers are right in the middle of the street. There are at least two lanes of traffic whizzing by on both sides of this, horns honking's actually incredibly difficult to describe the feeling. It's true that you feel the city's pulse as soon as you are there. And here's what we were looking at!

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