Sunday, May 17, 2009

New York City Here We Come....The Big Apple

Here I am in the airport and guess what.....the little pair of scissors I bought at the market made it through in my carry on baggage and will be right with me from Pittsburgh to NYC. So I can now stitch on the airplane.

Last night I took Linda to the tapas bar, Seviches, for dinner again. I liked it so much that I didn't mind doing it again and she was absolutely fascinated watching all the chefs put stuff together. (She is a camp cook for very hard working men when she is at home). She talked with them about the stove, the ingredients and got them all so interested in where she lives and what she does that they got talking back and I benefited because they made three extra dishes for her (and me) to try and they didn't charge us for them. So she's a tapas expert now. I told her I'll expect it when we go to her place. She said she was thoroughly enjoying eating stuff that was not meat, potatoes and gravy.

And with Linda along...someone with a sense of direction.....we walked back to the hotel without one wrong turn. Wouldn't you last day and I finally know my way.

This morning I was up on time. Linda woke up and told me to get up and she went back to sleep! I had my shower, packed, and headed to the shuttle I had reserved. Linda didn’t have to leave till late morning. All came together well. I had planned to send my business clothes, laundry and samples home ahead of me, but the customs and Fed-Ex arrangements were outrageous. When I told Linda about that, she said she would take it with her on Amtrak and she said she'd probably be able to do the same for me when we leave NYC because she is travelling really light.....has one little bag! I so wish I could figure out how to do that. Altho I must say that I have worn everything I brought and nothing was wasted so I definitely planned for the Pittsburgh part right! Now if it's not too hot in New York, I'll be fine. Yesterday was so hot I took a shower after walking home. Today it's at least 20 degrees colder and actually feels better...especially for travelling.

So I'm off to LaGuardia airport, another shuttle, and a day in New York all by myself....Ang and Linda arrive about midnight.

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