Monday, October 08, 2012


The other night I was laying in bed reading.  A good book with a glass of water beside me.  My dear husband was in the living room watching TV.

Suddenly, with a thump that was perceptible in the quiet of the bedroom, there was what I now know to be a wolf spider on the bedspread, just about right on my right breast.  I remained a least calm enough to think that I didn't want a splattered stain on the lovely pale turquoise matte lasse bedspread.  I slowly reached with my free hand and folded the edge of the spread up over "him" and held my hand over that like a cage.

And then I yelled.  I yelled BOB!!!  I yelled again.  I yelled "BOB, please come help me." I yelled again.  I yelled "HELP".  Finally my pleas for assistance got through the sounds of the television and dearest Bob leapt to his feet and came running in the bedroom looking panicked and scared and no knowing what to do.  I asked him to get a Kleenex off the night table, and when I lifted my hand, catch the spider under there quickly and squash it.....without leaving a stain on the bedspread.

He looked at me with an exasperated look and said "I thought you were having a heart attack or something!"  I said I should hope not .... it took him long enough to get there!  But he got the required Kleenex, poised in readiness, and waited for me to lift my hand.  I did so very slowly and Bob was ready to pounce.

When the cover came spider...  OK, so NOW I'm not calm anymore.  In fact I'm so creeped out that I want to cry.  I leaped out of bed, looked all over the floor, checked the curtain, looked on the window frame, shone a flashlight under the bed.....nothing....anywhere!  And to make matters worse, Bob is laughing!

I continued to check around the room but to no avail.  There was no spider to be seen.  I climbed back into bed, Bob having long gone back to the TV show, and tried to continue reading.  I never saw the spider but I couldn't read OR sleep either.  Every hair that tickled my cheek or movement of the covers or slight sound and I was on high alert expecting that spider to be back.  What a bad night.

The next day I tore that room apart.  I vacuumed all the walls, behind all the pictures, under the bed, in the closet, moved all the curtains, clothes, under the dresser, everywhere a spider could possibly be and found nothing.  Dust yes, dog hair yes, popcorn bits yes....but no spider.  Bob had by now named him Felix and was enjoying watching all the cleaning activity in the bedroom.  Felix was never seen again.  All I can hope is that I sucked him up the vacuum hose unknowingly.

When I told my girlfriend about it, she suggested that Bob had Felix hidden in a jar somewhere for the next time he wants a room cleaned!  Now I ask you, what kind of friend would say that???  One of my strange ones I can assure you!

But when I was cruising through Pinterest the other day, I found this and I can assure you, it is TOO TRUE!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful friend would say something like that - she just stays out of reach when she does!!!

Dale Kathryn said...

Love it, Love!