Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pennant Exchange

The online group I belong to, Stargaze Tomers, with Yahoo, occasionally does an exchange.  Last spring Patti Culea, leader of the group organized an exchange of pennants.  I volunteered to take part.  This was just before the insanity of construction started and I had fantasies of being able to sew while the crew worked.  Needless to say it didn't work out that way.  The deadline was August and I missed it by a mile, but I did finish.  The picture above is the five that I made. 
The photos below are the ones I made paired with the one I received from the person I exchanged with.  Some beautiful work by some very talented people.  My chosen theme was "trees" and you can see that reflected in each pennant I received. 
This is the set exchanged between Patti Culea and myself.  Patti's theme was Steampunk/Fantasy and I had a lot of fun looking for charms and decorations to do that theme.  It has a real watch face, new charms, a piece from a broken digital camera, and rusty lock washers for goggles. 

 This is the set exchanged between Kari Curley and myself.  Kari's theme was "pink" and this one is done on tissue paper fabric (tutorial at with a stamped and stitched face.  There is tattered lace covered with puff paint, a technique taught by Eileen Neill of Qualicum Beach.  It is quite heavily beaded but unfortunately does not show in the photo!
This set was exchanged between myself and Rayna Shone.  I did not get hers before I made the one I was doing for her, but was pleased to see that she does "crazy quilting" because mine turned out looking that way too!  It is a transfer image at the center with some of my own tatting for trim and hand painted fabric. 

And this set was exchanged between myself and Sue Crook.  Her theme was the most challenging for me and was "bright colors".  The one she made for me is wool felt with some pretty incredible quilting on it, and mine is applique, stamping, hand painted fabric, beading and some paper beads from Africa. 

The fifth one I did and mailed was a "cat" theme and is paper pieced in the tail, has google eyes and a mouse charm hanging off the background.  I haven't received a pennant from this participant yet, which makes me feel not so bad for being as late as I was! 

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Angela said...

Hey!!! How come I never got to see these in person???
Just kidding, I know how busy you've been.
They are all gorgeous!