Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stitching on an Island in the Pacific!

Not a tropical island, but one that was just as beautiful in it's own way.  This winter saw a change in our lifestyle as my husband has taken on the position as caretaker on a remote island.  The island has several cabins on it and is owned by a doctor whose family only visits in the summer months.  They are missing a lot  by only seeing it in one season!  This is the view from the caretaker's cabin.  Just at sunrise and that mountain was SO pink!  My camera has not done it justice!
This Christmas vacation it has been my pleasure to join my husband and experience remote island living. I am fortunate enough to have two weeks off work over the Christmas holiday period.  This year I spent that with my husband on that tiny little island in the Pacific Ocean. It didn’t start out well when he said as we climbed out of the boat onto the wharf.....”You’re in my domain now.”  I laughed at him as I unloaded a suitcase of fabric, two sewing machines, all my stitching equipment, my laptop, my clothes, my baking supplies and a couple of boxes of fresh vegetables!  However, at point of writing, day 7 of my visit, most of the fresh vegetables are gone, and I’ve staked my claim on “his” domain!!!  Because he works on that island, I took things with me to keep me busy.  Samples for upcoming classes, some mending (I know...quilters don’t do mending.....but he hasn’t caught onto that yet)!  We had ten days in the wilderness and it was spectacular.  Here I am in the biggest house, doing what I love, in a "dream studio"! 

When he was working I spent my time working on sewing projects.  The skipper on the crew boat who brought me into the island asked if I was staying six months!  But I left at least half of it there for next time.  A sewing machine, sewing supplies, cutting mat, pressing cloth, design wall....everything I would normally take to a workshop.  It was like dying and going to heaven.   Here's a photo of the view from where I was sitting. 
I cut fabric, arranged, stitched and just luxuriated in the time available to just design and sew.  I worked on a class that will be offered at Serge ‘N Sew in March.  And this be offered at Serge ‘N Sew in April.  Here’s the link to their web site so you can see other classes they offer as well.
During the times I wasn’t sewing, we went on boat rides to beach comb.  We saw Bottlenose Dolphin which have caused another quilt to percolate, noisy Ravens, Bald Eagles, Flying Squirrels, any number of tiny birds looking for crumbs, and best of all, on the day I went home, Killer Whales!  Absolutely exhilarating!

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