Sunday, July 18, 2010

Natures Artwork

My husband and I worked at sorting out a pile of dirt, roots, weeds, plants, branches, name it ..... it was in there.  Waist high and about 8 feet around, we wanted to sift out the rubble and spread out the soil so that we can rake everything level and seed it to grass.  It's too late in the year for seeding, but we can have it ready and then perhaps seeding in the fall will take and we will have "lawn" there by spring.  We'll have to spread lime to sweeten the soil and get rid of the over abundance of buttercups too! 

But there were two huge clumps of Pampas grass that got scraped off with the front end loader's bucket, along with all the other unwanted plants.  We salvaged some of the roots and they are recovering and will become beautiful.  Other parts went in the pile of stuff we took to the "yard waste" section at the dump.  But in the process of cleaning all this up, my husband was frustrated by my enthusiasm.  In the midst of the clean up, he had to stop so I could take pictures.  This is Pampas Grass that has dried and curled after being treated poorly.  I couldn't help but think that nature is pretty beautiful, even when it's been treated badly.  This grass got literally bulldozed out of it's "happy home" and here it is making fabulous artwork in exchange! 

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