Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visiting Victoria

This past weekend I visited our youngest son in Victoria.  This is about 4 hours from home, and I was absolutely astounded at the traffic that was out there.  School isn't out yet?  It's not a long weekend?  There's nothing special going on?  I didn't know why, but the traffic was solid and steady for the entire drive.  I didn't even want to use cruise control because I tend to daydream and find myself right on someone's bumper before I remember to back it down!  (I blame that on my husband who is always the driver so I don't get enough practice!) 

It was a great visit, and I was delighted to meet some of his friends Friday evening.  Saturday morning, we visited most of my favorite shops, and even one of my husband's....Valu Village.  Josh and I did well in that we found a pair of blue jeans for $7.00 which were my husband's favorite brand and his size as well.  He was thrilled when I got home and pulled them out of my suitcase.  Amazing the little things that please him.  He would not have been near as pleased with the same pair of jeans purchased brand new! 

One shop we went thru had this fountain on the steps at the entrance.  Inside they had the most fabulous wall hangings.  They were made of bits of wedding saris by women in India who were garnering an income from these projects.  They were all beautiful but one in particular was fabulous and I would have loved to purchase it.  I didn't have the nerve to ask if I could take a picture and not buy anything, but I was thoroughly impressed with the work.  It was all shades of greenish gold, with hand stitching and hand beading and was about the size of a lap quilt.  Exquisite work.  Another was a mixture of fabrics and the hidden shape in it reminded me of "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. 

But, back to the fountain that is pictured above.  This is the sign that was behind it.  I thought it was intriguing enough just seeing it in operation, but then reading the sign I thought it was a great project.  And.....it would be fun to try and make one with some of the favorite stones in my collection!

For more information on this project, check out http://www.fountainofpeace.com/

For information on the store or the work of the women in India, visit http://www.fullcirclestudio.ca/

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