Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jan Krentz - My Room Mate

The best thing that happened to me in Pittsburgh was Jan Krentz, author of "Quick Star Quilts & Beyond (and 4 others and her own new design for specialty rulers). She is the fellow-author that C&T Publishing chose to be my roommate for the duration of Spring Quilt Market. Anyone would be nervous about staying with a complete stranger, but I have to say that if I had interviewed candidates to stay with me I probably would not have chosen as well as Jan! She was so much fun, we had so much in common, she was so helpful and informative and absolutely the nicest person you could hope to have as a room mate and friend. I believe we will stay in touch for years to come.
The night before I stayed with Linda at the Omni William Penn Hotel. It was very grand and luxurious and we enjoyed our stay there because we got it at the Spring Quilt Market rate. We arrived in Pittsburgh at midnight their time, but it was still early by our time. We were hungry. So we ordered room service. Quesadillas, and some wine! Wouldn’t you know I spilled tomato sauce on my white nightie. The next day we trundled our suitcases up the street to the hotel C&T had arranged for us, the Doubletree. Linda went to visit her cousins and I went shopping for a new nightie as I didn’t want my room mate to see me in my messy nightie and have a bad impression of me from the start.
Jan arrived at the room after I had fallen asleep the next night so I didn’t see her till morning. It was funny to roll over and say “Hi, you must be Jan.” She said “I am….that means you must be Gladys and I’m in the right room!” We laughed. Then she said “How do you like my pajamas?” She was wearing the pajamas I wear at home….the really comfy soft ones that make you feel safe and secure. I laughed and told her about my going to get a new nightie so she would think well of me! And from that point on, we enjoyed every minute we spent together. I look forward to and sincerely hope to have more!
Here’s a picture of us having a bagel for breakfast. We had a young couple in the restaurant take our picture with each of our cameras. It’s a terrible picture of me, but a very good one of Jan. I sure hope Jan’s picture turned out better than mine, but here we are.

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