Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Day & Seviches

Today Jan had book signing in the publisher's booth at 11:30 and I at 1:00 p.m. I don't know how her's went because I didn't see her there...I was wandering and mingling with suppliers and lost track of time. Mine went well in that I talked to a few people, but I didn't sign one book! I am there at 3 tomorrow and I hope at least one person would like my autograph! So we went our separate ways when we got there, and then I wandered around through the booths looking at what is presented. I didn't understand why all the booths had tables and chairs at them until I got there today. The sales people in the booths are dealing with store owners so they actually sit down and place huge orders at each booth. And there is every kind of booth you can imagine. It's a godsend (financially) that I couldn't buy anything but odds and ends.....they sell buttons at a minimum of 12 of the same one. Fringe by the card.... and fabric by the bolt, patterns at a minimum of six, and thread by the display rack!

But I did find a booth with scissors. It really annoyed me when the security people took the ones I thought would be ok away because I had hours ahead of me with nothing to do and nobody to talk to because Linda was not on the plane with me. So I talked to this guy in the booth and he sold me a pair of scissors that I CAN have on the plane. They are sold as airplane approved.
And now that I’m home, I can tell you that they went through US and Canadian Security checks without anyone batting an eye. Here they are…..

Jan arrived at the room and we went out to dinner at a Tapas Bar. We were lucky to arrive at happy hour so everything was half price. So we each had a mojito, my first. It was delicious, and we tried 8 different kinds of Tapas. I think I actually liked the mojito drink because of the way it was described…..”Vodka, mango juice and “muddled Mint”, which just means mint that’s been squashed so it releases some of it’s oils into the drink…but “muddled” sounded so much more intriquing! It looked really pretty. Bob would have loved the food presentation. We sat at the bar and watched 5 chefs prepare the food and they served it looking so wonderful we took pictures of it.....the kids working there thought we were hilarious....and then asked where we were from! I guess it was pretty obvious we are tourists!

After that we went to Burlington Coat Factory and bought a t-shirt. $7.00! I can't believe the prices there. Yes I know that's US dollars but even when you do the math, that's less than at home for a plain t-shirt at Winners! I am beginning to see why people go across the border to shop! By then it was about 8 and we had decided we would go to the hotel and have desert and tea and then come to our room and pack. Jan leaves tomorrow.

We got to the restaurant without any wrong turns this time and decided to go for desert before going to our room. There are two girls in line for a table and they're wearing name tags from the convention. So Jan asked them to join us. They did and we had a delightful time with two people from Alberta, so it was three Canadians! And best of all the dessert was absolutely out of this world. I had Deep Fried Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake. It was a pastry full of flavored cream cheese, deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. With ice cream.......good thing I'm doing a lot of walking! I am NOT a foody type of person, but I do believe I could learn to be!

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