Sunday, February 08, 2009

Charmed I'm sure.

I'm lucky enough to belong to an on-line group of textile artists headed up by Patti Culea, a well known author, dollmaker, textile artist and teacher. At the moment we are having a charm exchange. Since it's a fabric art group, the charms are textile ones. 1 1/2" in size, anything goes. I've been working on mine and enjoying every minute of them. My joy is in the doing of these projects, but when done, I'll have one of mine and 43 from on-line friends. We're all exchanging ideas on how to use them...bracelets, necklaces, chatelaines, mobiles, boas etc. Today while sorting out colors of beads for the next one I'll work on I spilled beads all over the living room floor. The hardwood I love had beads bouncing all over the place. I think the Dust Buster got about half of them....I resented the time taken away from my preparation to clean up but you know how husbands are when the walk in beads with bare feet! Here's a photo of the first few charms I've done.

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