Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Acorn Squash

How DOES this happen? I don’t know what I did wrong! I know that precision piecing is not my best quality, but today’s experience really brought that fact home! I pieced the acorn squash today. I spent the best part of last evening laying out all the freezer paper patterns on the selected fabric and cutting. I went to bed feeling happy that it was all laid out and ready to sew today.

This morning I did sew. Happily, all the pieces went together beautifully. Until I went to sew the final two halves of the block together. It was missing an entire wedge. It wasn’t actually missing…..all the wedges were there… just wouldn’t fit together unless I made one more wedge, or scrapped the whole thing and started over of course! So….I made a new wedge. It’s not quite perfect, but I’ll leave it until I have all the blocks done. If there’s time, I’ll try re-doing this one. But for now, I’ll make some corn and tomatoes….I have some already and they are more encouraging!

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